Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Survivalist Shopping List!

On Sunday afternoon I started to think about shopping....not your quotidian (look it up!) or even fun shopping but Survivialist Shopping or in other words...if I was broke for 6 months what would my campervan-store-cupboard need to hold so that I could survive? I dont anticipate ever not being able to turn my hand to something to earn some cash but I think it shows a grown-up attitude in at least having a contingency plan!!

I would need to have lots of dried stuff, soups, pasta, rice, pancake mix, dried onions and mushroom, tomato paste, beanfeast (yes, it still exists)and of course loo roll and things like that.

I used Tesco Online to create a virtual shopping list and at the moment I'm at £350, roughly £13 a week. It was great fun....20 boxes of Cuppa Soup x 10 varieties....

The next part of the plan is to remove all the packaging and store it all in large ziplock bags..Imagine 20 packets of Chicken Noodle Cuppa Soup in 1 Ziplock and then 9 other ziplocks...

I wish Tesco and Sainsbury's still did their voucher system, I was given £80 worth of Sainsbury's Vouchers one Christmas - wonderful!! I cant work out a way of getting people to put their loyalty points onto my card...any one got any bright ideas?

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