Monday, 24 March 2008

Is there anybody out there...?

I've just spent three amazing days with my Mum in the New Forest. Lots of sky, bits of blue, some hail and lots of wind! Wales being mountainous and hilly, the horizons are close and the amount of sky is limited by the height of the next peak. Down in the Forest, near Beaulieu, once you get onto the forest, the sky is endless and its all around you!

I came home inspired by a weekend in the Camping HQ and hoping to find some online evidence that someone, somewhere in the UK has the same aspirations as me - a full-time-volunteer-camper-van type of life. Nothing yet. Nothing on U-tube. This makes me either a trail blazer or an idiot.....answers on a postcard....

I cant wait to get my first video clip on U tube. Perahps then I will start to find my fellow volunteers..?

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