Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Full Circle....

When I was 19, I met a young couple who lived in a gypsy caravan towed by a horse. My (1st) husband Steve...yes I was married at 19... and I both wanted to live the life too..he was the best poacher ever and we knew we would never be short of food and would work for whatever else we needed. Well it didnt happen...but the longing never left nor the memory.

This is a Towavardo - hand built in Cullompton by Jon Snow. Its my dream...and if my plan comes together..I might..just might be able to realise a lifelong dream. Come on Jon..share the dream!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


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I'm going to Taunton...

I am off to Taunton!! I found WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunties for Organic Farmers) and applied to four farms. I visited two and chose Spring Grove Market Farm in Milverton, Taunton.

Its wonderful and the people were wonderful and I have a caravan with a woodburner, and a sawdust toilet and a solar panel...and £50 a week (a four day week, I may add!!)...and I get fed..real organic food from the cool is that?

I'm so excited I cant describe it. I'm now in the final stages of "down-sizing" and its going really well...from having drawers and drawers of clothes that I hardly wore or were gross or didnt fit, I have a tiny little wardrobe...a clear sense of how I want to look...and I still have a suit and a Christmas outfit.

I expect tomorrow to be my last carboot sale but I still have a wardrobe and cupboard to sell, a car and some pictures and books. That may be an Ebay exercise.

I've just bought a new domain but its empty at the moment...I need to do the re-direct thing as I have worked hard on my googlepages and cant afford to have something built.

Life is good.

I have a camcorder now and hope to start recording things soon.