Saturday, 7 June 2008

The funny bits..

It's worth recording here that depsite my going on about sacrifices and putting up with stuff..I find something to smile at everyday. You'd be surprised what a glass of Merlot can do of an evening to render a situation funny and the times I have sat in my caravan giggling at the silliness of a situation..well lets say I'm pleased my caravan is tucked away!

OK - the first thing has got to be the loo. Here it is. Yes, I know it appears to be a rather dilapidated old shed but in fact its the very height of environmental technology.

It's a compost loo. OK, its held together by cobwebs and a bit of wood that keeps it sort of upright and OK...I'm sure if a really strong gust of wind did hit it, well actually, I dread to think... but I like our compost loo. It's reassuring that there is a very simple and effective solution to wild-eco-living and one day, when I get my own caravan and live in that meadow near those woods...well I wont need to worry. Actually what I want is a compost teepee, now that's what I call Eco!

So this is how it works...dont worry this isnt going to get graphic. It ends up filled with sawdust and shavings 'cos thats what we add after every use. It doesnt smell much, sort of piney and I guess those holes in the wall allow a through-draft. When it needs emptying and yes, I've taken my turn, we load it carefully onto a wheelbarrow and trundle it down to the special composting area where it gets added to the rest. A tarpaulin covers the whole thing and like horse/pig/chicken manure (sorry!!) it degrades in exactly the same way. And NO!! I dont know anything about using the final compost yet..I havent asked!

So imagine me late at night..mist down over the fields, moon shining down...I leave the door open...there's no one near and it's the most amazing feeling, like you are really connected to the earth.

See one month in and I'm already losing the plot! I'm turning into a real eco-warrior!

This is the view have to admit, it's quite something!

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